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With our WeatherShack Exclusive AcuRite Build-Your-Own Environmental System, you can customize a layout to monitor temperature and humidity in up to seven locations of your home, office or outdoor area. With the AcuRite Access HUB, you can view the temperature and humidity via MyAcuRite online portal with one or more of the available Add-On wireless sensors. MyAcuRite is accessible online via a PC or MAC computer, a tablet or a mobile App. Connect the AcuRite Access HUB to an Ethernet router to seamlessly transmit environmental data to the internet cloud. Accessible temperature and humidity information from anywhere at any time! View current conditions, historical conditions with charts, graphs, high and low records. Download your environmental data to convenient spreadsheet forms for advanced research and reports. Create custom alerts with MyAcuRite to receive an email or mobile alert when environmental conditions change or your presets are reached and need your attention. The AcuRite Access is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Choose which Temperature/Humidity Sensor(s) that best represent the areas you wish to monitor:

  • The outdoor temperature and humidity sensor is used for outdoor applications.
  • The room temperature and humidity sensor is used for indoor applications. This sensor features a digital display as well.
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC)
  • Indoor/outdoor humidity (%RH)
  • Free MyAcuRite online account and mobile App
  • Connect up to 7 compatible wireless sensors
  • Uploads latest readings from your AcuRite sensor
  • View online current and historical enviromental conditions
  • Comprehensive trend observation with graphic charts
  • Export and save weather data to spreadsheet forms
  • Custom alerts via email or mobile notification
  • Transmits latest readings every five minutes
  • MyAcuRite retains 31 days of readings
  • Share weather information with Weather Underground using Rapid fire updates
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a hands-free experience
AcuRite Build-Your-Own Environmental System – 09155M

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