Audix f6 Hypercardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone


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Your New Go-to Kick Mic? Audix f6

Would you want to be a kick drum mic? Getting the sense knocked out of you every couple of seconds is cruel and unusual punishment. Which is why great bass drum mics are a breed apart. Take the Audix f6, for instance. It’s got massive 140dB SPL mojo to deal with heavy-footed rhythm keepers, and you can precisely focus its hypercardioid pickup pattern to get the perfect amount of click. And what’s good for punchy, robust kick is also ideal for tympani, floor tom, and your bassists ginormous SVT cab. Built road-tough in the U.S. with a precision-cast zinc alloy body and sexified black coat finish, the f6 is at home onstage or in the studio. Next time you’ve got a kick to mic, give the Audix f6 a try. You’ll be seriously impressed.

Audix has been a leader in “purpose-built” mic design, and the f6 has major aggressiveness going on in its frequency response curve. The advantage to you, is that you can place an f6 in the bass drum, lift the fader, and press record. Any additional EQ you do is gravy. Check it out – the Audix f6 might well become your new go-to kick mic.

Audix f6 Kick Drum Instrument Mic Features at a Glance:

  • Tailored frequency response for massive, punchy kick drum
  • Perfect mic for stage and studio; optimized for bass instruments:
  • Kick Drum, tympani (kettle drum), floor tom, bass cab, Leslie bottom
  • Hypercardioid pickup pattern gives you excellent isolation
  • Roadworthy build; made in U.S.

Check out the Audix f6 on kick drum!

Audix f6 Hypercardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

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