Beyerdynamic TG V50d Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone


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A New Standard for the Stage

The Beyerdynamic TG V50d aims to be the new standard in live vocal reproduction. This affordable dynamic mic boasts a wider frequency response than the competition to deliver lifelike lead vocals to your audience. It’s built tough so you never have to worry about throwing it in a backpack or gear case. And the Beyerdynamic TG V50d’s Sound Channeling Technology (SCT) cuts back on resonance and offers maximum feedback rejection – this means more of you in your monitors and a cleaner sound for front of house.

Beyerdynamic’s Sound Channeling Technology Improves Output and Clarity

Beyerdynamic has been refining its acoustic labyrinthing known as Sound Channeling Technology for decades. Special channeling throughout the TG V50d’s housing with exacting geometries gives this mic the unique Beyer sound. Beyerdynamic uses this technology to influence the polar pattern for better gain before feedback, and to shape the frequency response for cleaner, clearer stage reproduction. Sweetwater knows these qualities will be valuable to performers and mix engineers alike.

Beyerdynamic TG V50d Dynamic Vocal Microphone Features:

  • Built for live vocal reproduction
  • Full frequency range (50Hz-17kHz) for crisp, clear vocals
  • Sound Channeling Technology (SCT) reduces unwanted resonance and feedback issues
  • High gain before feedback for more you in your monitors
  • Highpass filter cuts down on stage noise and bass boom
  • Affordable and rugged
  • Professional looks for any occasion
  • Includes mic clamp and storage bag

Get clean, high-output vocals with the affordable Beyerdynamic TG V50d Dynamic Vocal Microphone!

Beyerdynamic TG V50d Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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