Davis Instruments 7660


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The Davis 7660 Yagi Antenna is used with a Davis Long Range Repeater to extend range up to 5,000′ (1.5 km) in one direction. Includes mounting hardware. Each repeater requires 2 antennas: 1 to receive data, and another to retransmit it. Omni antennas transmit or receive in all directions. Yagi antennas transmit or receive from a single direction, but have a longer transmission distance. Mix and match to suit your needs using the table below.

Davis Repeater Distant Chart

* Dipole antennas are found on all Davis wireless weather stations and standard repeaters.

** Typical distance will be less. Outdoors, line of sight with minor obstructions or interference, typical distance is about 50-80% of the maximum. Through walls or in areas with high RF interference, typical distance may be as low as 20-40% of the maximum.

Davis Instruments 7660

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