Fantastic Beasts Albus Dumbledore ArtFX+ Statue


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We’re big fans of Albus Dumbledore. The man is clever and talented. He’s kind and thoughtful. Also, he can grow anĀ amazing beard, which we think makes him look like quite the educated fellow. Even in his younger years, when he was only a professor at Hogwarts and worked with people like Newt Scamander, he was still the best of the best when it came to the wizarding world. That’s why we love Dumbledore enough to offer this Fantastic Beasts Albus Dumbledore ArtFX+ Statue. This statue portrays Albus in his younger years in a dapper suit with wand poised and at-the-ready. The statue is about 7 inches tall and is an incredible likeness of the wizard himself. You can see that that epic beard is coming along nicely…

Fantastic Beasts Albus Dumbledore ArtFX+ Statue

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