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Excellent fidelity from a compact design

I’m a minimalist when it comes to my home office — I need an uncluttered space in which to work. But I also love listening to music, and want clear, natural sound without losing desk or floor space. MartinLogan’s Motion® 2i is a perfect speaker for that kind of job. 

Grab a pair of these wall-mountable speakers for a stereo music system, or as many as you need for a MartinLogan surround sound system.

An acclaimed tweeter delivers smooth, sweet highs

One of the reasons the Motion 2i sounds so good is its Folded Motion™ tweeter. This unique, accordion-style design is quick, accurate, and very smooth. You’ll enjoy clear, natural sound throughout its frequency range. 

Since this speaker is relatively small, you may want to pair it with a powered subwoofer for deeper bass performance.

Versatile design adapts to your room

MartinLogan recommends mounting the Motion 2i “right side up” at ear level, but upside down if it’s above ear level. This lets it disperse sound down towards you for optimal sonic performance. It even includes the wall-mount bracket, so you can attach it to your wall for awesome sound that’s out of the way.

MartinLogan Motion® 2i

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