Marvel Legends Thor Mjolnir Hammer Electronic Prop


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Thor actually made a little known attempt to break into the hip hop music scene back in the early 90’s. We recovered an excerpt from a song about Mjolnir. The gist of the song is that his hammer is pretty awesome. See below:

Can’t Lift This

My-my-my-my power comes from kin,

makes me say, “Oh my, Odin.”

Thank you for blessing me

with a mind so fine and fans that freak

It feels good, when you’re a big blowhard,

A super dope thunder god from Asgard

And I’m known as such,

And this is a hammer, you can’t lift

I told you mortal (You can’t lift this)

Yeah, that’s how Avengers live, you know (You can’t lift this)

Look at my armor (You can’t lift this)

Yo, let me bust the funky bad guys (You can’t lift this)

Stop! Hammer time!

Then, in the music video, Thor does some funky dance moves, while Captain America, the Black Widow and Hulk do some backup dancing behind him.

So, maybe it IS true that his hammer can’t normally be lifted, but this version is a collectible prop that any mortal can wield. It lights up and features stormy sounds to help you feel like the Marvel thunder god himself. It even comes with a display base, so you can display it while you’re not going hammer time all over the bad guys. It’ll make you want to do a hammer-inspired shuffle dance.

Marvel Legends Thor Mjolnir Hammer Electronic Prop

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