Swingline 502e Desktop Cartridge Electric Stapler (50202)


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An effortless electric stapler with patented cartridge stapling technology that staples up to 25 sheets. Staple 1,500 times before having to replace the staple cartridge. With Flat clinch, the staples legs are flattened versus rounded (like traditional stapling) so when stapled pages are stacked – they lay flatter.

  • Reliable, extremely quiet and low vibration operation
  • Patented cartridge technology – new driver blade with each new cartridge (most worn parts)
  • Staples up to 25 sheets
  • Flat Clinch flattens the staple legs so stapled pages don’t bend and lay flat when stacked
  • LED staple guide
  • One staple cartridge (1,500 staples) included
Swingline 502e Desktop Cartridge Electric Stapler (50202)

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