Triad-Orbit IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar


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Easy Stereo Miking for Your Triad-Orbit Stand

There are many wonderful stereo miking techniques out there, and the IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar lets you easily apply many of them to your Triad-Orbit microphone stand. The Triad-Orbit IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar comes equipped with a notched stainless steel hex post to handle serious weight while remaining fully compatible with all IO Quick-Change receivers. A pair of IO Quick-Change mounts facing opposite directions makes parallel and XY stereo configurations simple, but the thing Sweetwater engineers really love about the IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar is the addition of two extra mounting points, which let you place the IO-R38 Quick-Change coupler in two different configurations. Add some IO-A boom arms or Micro adaptors, and you can easily set up Decca Tree, OCT, and other advanced multi-mic recording configurations.

Triad-Orbit IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar Features:

  • A powerful stereo/multi-microphone mount for your Triad-Orbit mic stand
  • Compatible with any Triad-Orbit IO Quick-Change receiver
  • Opposing IO Quick-Change receivers accommodate parallel and XY miking
  • 2 mounting points let you position the included IO-R38 Quick-Change coupler
  • Notched stainless steel hex post supports extremely heavy weight loads
  • Includes 2 x IO-H1 and 1 x IO-H2 mounting heads and 3 x 3/8″ Euro-mount adaptors

Upgrade your Triad-Orbit mic stand with an IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar!

Triad-Orbit IO-Vector Stereo Utility Bar

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